Children’s Eyecare

The important age range  for the development of vision in childhood, is between birth and 8 years of age. This period  is critical in the natural development of the Visual Cortex in the brain. Contrary to what some people previously believed, we are not born with ‘good’ vision. The Visual Cortex develops to its full potential through ‘experience’. Full development of Visual Function is known as ‘Binocular Vision’. The characteristics of Binocular Vision include the ability of the brain’s Visual Cortex to fuse 2 separate images (1 from each eye) into a single 3 dimensional interpretation of the world around us. Certain underlying conditions must be present to facilitate this critical visual development. Three of the most important factors are:

  • Eyes pointing in the same direction.
  • Eyes that form images of equal clarity and quality.
  • Eyes that show no signs of pathology.

At Stephen McKay Opticians we aim to assess your child’s visual development, and compare his/her vision with the normal developmental standards for their particular age group. Children’s eyes often change more rapidly than adults, and we therefore recommend routine annual eye examinations for all children under the age 16. These examinations are FREE under the NHS. The NHS also provide vouchers which can be used against the cost of spectacles. More regular examinations may be required for those needing glasses or other treatment eg Orthoptic Exercises to improve Eye Co-Ordination.

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Please see below a guide to your child’s Visual Development produced by the College of Optometrist.



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