Products and Services

We are proud to work with some of the most well-known lens and frame manufacturers in the world, as well as smaller, local suppliers. This combination allows us to offer a choice of lens designs, materials and coatings to suit you, and a great selection of frames for every budget.


Many of our lenses come with  Crizal® UV coatings to give you great protection and enhanced clarity – and what’s more, they are often available on special offers which vary from discounts, free upgrades or even second pairs! Check out the special offers page for more information on our current Crizal® UV promotions.


If you need progressive lenses, it’s worth noting that there are many different types – each of us has different requirements and preferences so we offer a great range of lenses to choose from. Our optometrist and dispensing team can talk you through the options and help you choose. Click here for more info on Varilux® Lenses.


If you’re looking for sun protection and everyday without having to switch glasses, Transitions might be the answer for you. Available in two colours, both with full UV protection, they lighten indoors and darken when exposed to sunlight. For more information, click Transitions®

We also work with a huge range of frame suppliers in order to bring you the latest designs as well as some classic styles. Whether you’re looking for something subtle, or prefer to strike out with some funky colours, we have the perfect frame for you at a price to suit.


If you need to correct your vision but can’t wear glasses for sports or other activities, have you considered sports goggles incorporating your prescription? We can even supply prescription swimming goggles for children and adults.

If you’d rather not wear glasses or goggles, you might want to consider contact lenses. Check out this link for further info on  Contact Lenses.

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